$147.50 Ultimate Sportsman
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Ultimate Sportsman's Package.
Licenses In Package 10 licenses

  • This durable credit card style design is an optional addition to the standard paper for annual licenses and fits easily in your wallet. Up to 7 valid annual licenses will be printed on the card and mailed to you in several weeks.

  • Includes State Hunting, Big Game, WMA & Freshwater Fishing, expires 1 year from date of purchase.

  • To fish in saltwaters, expires 1 year from date of issue.

  • Individual antlerless deer tags, max. 4 tags. Big game permit required.

  • Buck tag with size restriction. Restriction 4 pts. one side or 12" inside min.spread Max 2 tags.

  • Wild Turkey Tags. Set of 3 tags.

  • To hunt migratory game birds (Wilson snipe, woodcock, marsh hen, coot, gallinule, rail, goose, brant

  • To hunt brants, ducks & geese. Hunting Lic., Migratory Game Bird Permit & Federal Duck Stamp Req.

  • Federal Duck Stamp. Required in addition to a state hunting license, migratory bird permit and migratory waterfowl permit to hunt waterfowl. Stamps will be mailed after March 10, 2025.

  • SC Wildlife Magazine Subscription-1 year, 6 bimonthly issues

License Activity Packages
Packages ensure you have everything you need based on the fishing / hunting activity you would like to participate in.
South Carolina Resident

Ultimate Sportsman
Ultimate Sportsman
Ultimate Sportsman's Package.
Avid Angler
Avid Angler
If you fish in both fresh and saltwater this is package for you!
Waterfowl Hunter
Waterfowl Hunter
If you are a private land waterfowl hunter this is the package for you!